Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bad Dog

In the movie, "A Christmas Story," there's a brief but memorable scene in which several dogs barge in and steal the roasted Christmas turkey prior to the meal.

We had our own ravenous dog scene, except that this involved just one dog and a three-quarter pound of leg of lamb for Thanksgiving that was left over after carving.  So fortunately, it didn't spoil the Thanksgiving meal because I'd already sliced most of it, but it did leave me without enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The biggest problem is that the hunk of meat was still in the netting when he ate it.  And so the dog ate the netting, too.  A foreign object like string in a dog's digestive system can be a serious problem as this article describes.  I found some netting in his poop this morning, but I think there's more inside.  Hopefully he'll be okay.  He's eating well and pooping well, and I don't see blood in the stool.

That would be something -- mad at the dog for eating about $8 of meat plus having to pay for abdominal surgery on top of that.


Zazzy said...

I have many stories of animals helping themselves to dinner. My cat stole a pretty good sized piece of turkey this year. None of them stole a leg of lamb, even partly carved though.

I did have a cat who had a thing for eating rubber bands. He often needed a little help when it came out the other end. Good luck to your pup. I hope the netting doesn't cause any real problems.

Rummuser said...

Yay Dog!

Square Peg Guy said...

@Rummuser, please don't encourage him! :)

@Zazzy, cats are even harder to "defend" against -- they can reach seemingly inaccessible places. Fortunately, we kept it behind a door that the cats could not open.

Thanks for both of your comments!