Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dream: Attack of the Green Aerial Disc

I'm outside in a park-like setting on a path. I'm talking on the cellphone with a vendor or client. The guy is telling me that I should try walking while I talk. I jokingly say that I don't think I can, but I start walking anyway. There is light rain in the air.

When I get back to the parking lot, which is about ten feet below the ground level of the path, I see that my car, a grey Ford Escort sedan, is nearly submerged in water. I see that I left the windows halfway open. My black Labrador retriever was in the car, but now he is standing up near the path. Good boy! The red car that was next to mine floats away.

A little while later the water drains away. I get in the car, which is now parked in a different spot, across from its previous spot further from the path. I start the car. I wipe the passenger side door on the inside with a towel. I can see the previous parking spot in the rear view mirror. Water is gushing into the parking lot at that point. I get the car out of there.

Now I'm standing back up near the path. I decide to look for even higher ground. I find a small green hillock to stand on. Now I see a huge wave of rough green liquid flowing slowly toward me, about two stories high. It appears to be made of water and grass clippings. Other people are crowded together with me. The wall of green liquid stops just before it gets to us as if it solidified.

Now there's a wall of it blocking our view in that direction. But up in the sky right above us a huge ball of the green liquid shoots up and begins to fall. It lands right next to us. It make me wonder if the hillock we're standing on was made by a previous ball of green liquid that fell from the sky.

I feel less safe on the hillock so I decide to walk around. I feel that we're being targeted. The waves of floods have formed walls and corridors between the walls. I walk through these corridors toward the source of the flood. I see a green grassy disc in the sky. It has an opening that I presume the green liquid comes out of. The disc is hovering and rotating several degrees back an forth like an oscillating fan. The orifice is pulsating slightly.

Now I'm inside a public building, like a rest stop. There are a few other guys with me. We realize that the town / country / earth is under attack. We storm out of the building to stop the attack.

[I wake up to the song "Merry Old Land of Oz" from the Wizard of Oz.]

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