Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dream: Soured on Car Mechanic

I'm at the car mechanic's shop.  He located a used car for me and is in the process of prepping it.  The owner's son tells me about a pipe that needs to be replaced.  I'm thoroughly dismayed – I don't want to have to do any work on the car.  But I remain stoic.

He takes me into the back and shows me some license plate samples, asking me to choose a color.  The first plate is extremely gaudy, with sunburst / peach on the left side that transitions to blue on the right with a dividing arc near the center.  A second plate is less brilliant.  It's also smaller, less tall.  I pick a blue from the first plate and a letter from the second, which I call blue, but he calls it slate.  With that decided, I make my way out of the place.

I see a large number of cars parked in the lot and a very long table with a white table cloth and stacks of folded cloth napkins.  It looks like a huge dinner party is being set up.  “Why wasn't I invited?” I wonder.  “I'm his biggest customer!”  Oh well.  I shake it off.

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