Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dream: Karate Graduation

I'm in a karate studio.  Kids are playing a board game on the floor.  It has lots of pieces that appear to be little soldiers.  They are separated into four groups by color: blue, green, brown and black.  I step over the playing area to get to the main part of the dojo.

I'm with the other students, sitting against the wall.  We watch as an instructor demos a move: block, punch, take-down.  He tells us to pair off and practice the move.  The boy next to me walks away quickly to find another boy.  I'm left with a lot of girls / women to choose to practice with.  Many of them don't seem interested in working with me.  Finally one agrees.  She has an unusual outfit on.  It's a purple / lavender turtleneck top with a jewel-encrusted oval hole at her throat.  We face each other.  She throws a punch.  I block it, but I don't remember the rest of the move.  Then I throw a punch.  She doesn't remember either.  But it's too late – the practice session is over.

As folks mill about, an instructor announces graduation.  He has a stack of several plastic-bagged uniforms.  He pulls a paper from one and reads my name!  I come forward.  He puts a yellow cap on my head, and people clap.  I've been here only a short time, but I came from another school.

I transfer the stuff from the plastic bag into my black back pack, which is up against the wall we were sitting against.  Now the uniform is dark blue, not yellow.  I put it on.  It's more like a gown, and it has a rigid piece of plastic that covers my throat.  I guess it's meant to protect me.  Some students recognize me and congratulate me.  One says that they won't take it easy on me anymore.  I say that that's a good thing because I'll learn more if I get punched for real.

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