Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our Daughter is A+

My wife and I are blood type opposites. She's A-positive while I'm O-neg. Many foods on the Blood Type diet are opposites. What's great for me (beef, lamb, banana) is bad for her. And what's great for her (soy) is bad for me.

We knew that our daughter would've inherited one of our blood types. But she was never typed, despite all the blood that was drawn over the years. And her pediatrician refused to do it. But today, we used a home blood typing kit and found out that she's A-positive.

Bummer. I mean, she loves beef and especially lamb. She mimics my method of eating lamb chops, which is to trim off any fat, cut the large bits of meat and eat them, then pick up the bone in two hands and gnaw it clean, with lots of slurping sounds.

For now, the occasional departure from blood type eating won't be a problem. But we're concerned that she might develop an autoimmune disease, so the fewer toxins she has, the better.

When she's a bit older and finished growing, we can measure her for the GenoType Diet. She might turn out to be an Explorer like my wife and me, in which case lamb will be a "Superfood"!

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Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Might want to research soy, turns out it is not the health food the soy industry claims (other than 4 kinds of fermented types which appear to actually be good). Hence why I'm not eating soy cheese either. D'oh!

I'm B+ and I love lamb but can hardly ever afford it. Gimmie dead cow! XD