Monday, May 25, 2009

Two Cats Are Better Than One

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About two and a half months ago, I had been thinking that it was time to get a companion for our cat. It would distract him enough so he'd stop bothering the dog. We'd also be able to split the can of cat food between him and a new cat.

I saw an ad in the Sunday paper for a kitty that needed a home. It said that the cat would do fine with another cat and even a dog. I told my wife, and she immediately brightened up, took the ad, and called the number.

She said that the cat was taken. But then she called the shelter that we got our current cat from and set up an appointment to look at four top contenders.

But when we got there, we really looked at only one -- a melt-in-your-arms black cat. This guy even liked our daughter, who tends to spook cats. So we took him home.

Introducing a cat into a home with a cat and dog is a little more involved than just introducing a cat into a home with just a dog. We set up another litter box and decided to keep the two cats segregated.

Of course, the cat hissed at the dog, and the dog lunged at the cat. But the dog seemed to remember the day when we introduced him to the older cat 18 months ago, and he calmed down. We didn't need to keep him behind the toddler gate this time.

After a couple of days, we let the cats commingle. The new cat was cool, calm and comfortable around our older cat. After all, he came from a shelter in which he was surrounded by them.

But our older cat didn't like this new-comer right away. But eventually, he calmed down, and the two could sit on the same piece of furniture without sparking a nuclear reaction.

Our new cat would go to bed with our daughter, who was thrilled to finally have a pet to her own. Then after she went to sleep, he'd saunter over to sit with my wife, who was jealous that our older cat preferred my lap to sit in.

Unfortunately, one day when we were on vacation, the pet sitter called to tell us that our new cat wasn't doing well. Then the vet called to say he was gone.

We did get another cat, a grey and white tabby, about one month later. Here the two of them strike their angel poses:

Here's an article that tells you how to introduce a new pet into your home.


Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Ah okay I had gotten them mixed up, but poooor kitty. ^;___;^ Ah well... it's on to its next life.

A friend of mine who used to live in this residential system volunteers at a local shelter and keeps telling me they have kittens. She knowwwws I want one (or a ferret) and she also knows about the no pets rule because she still lives in the same complex. xD

Lynne said...

For some reason your story made me tear up. I love having animals around. Sounds like you and your family and a wonderful home for pets:) Lucky little furry four footed friends to live with you guys!

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi Lynne:

I think it's the humans who are the lucky ones!

Thanks for commenting!

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi Tirsden:

Are you within walking distance of the shelter? Maybe you can visit them a few times each week.

In the meantime, feel free to live vicariously through me!

Thanks for commenting!

The Bumbles said...

Yes - poor kitty. They did have a nice end to things though it seems after your rescued them from the shelter. I agree that cats usually like another furry companion.

When my husband and I (he of the Longshots - aka tighty whities as you prefer) moved in together I had 2 kitties and he had 1. Mine stayed indoors, his went outside. My smaller female kitty absolutely hated his cat who was twice her size. However, he was so scared of her that she bullied him and ambushed him every chance she got. My bigger male kitty kept the peace between them as best he could.

Sadly my male kitty died and left the 2 enemies to fend for themselves for a good 4 more years. They never did get along. In the end, my husband's kitty outlived my mean little one so he had a year of peace as the only cat in the house before he too died of very old age.

We now have a brother and sister just turned a year old who love each other to death. Kitty harmony makes life a lot easier - on everyone involved!