Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dream: Computer Training Picnic

I'm going to a computer training class with two of my coworkers. I've been here before, so I know the ropes. I find out what classroom the class will be held in (2B) and go look for it.

The classrooms are clearly marked, and I see 2B. But I'm dissapointed when I enter it. It's small, about the size of an office. And there are four people already in it. They're sitting around a small round table, and they appear to be having a meeting. I'm not sure they appreciate our being here.

My coworkers and I must sit in small desks right at the front of the room.

The room changes. It becomes bigger, about the size of a ballroom, and it's filled with at least one hundred people. There's some commotion -- the people are arranging themselves around the room's perimeter. I decide to do what they do. Each person is crossing arms and linking his first two fingers with his neighbor's fingers. I break into the line next to a boy.

Surveying the crowd, I get the impression that this is like a company picnic, only indoors. Also, I notice that one of the walls has no people in front of it. The end of the line that extends to my right is the beginning of the line. Each person that's at the front of the line does some sort of move - a dance or something to move across the space. I start to plan my move. I consider doing some surprising and flashy tumbling.

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