Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Color of Fibromyalgia

In a brief discussion with her mom about Fibromyalgia awareness products, Jenny Ryan complains that "other diseases TOOK all the good colors."

Maybe Fibromyalgia marketing people have to diversify into patterns or shapes.  Autism took the puzzle-piece shape, which, perhaps not coincidentally, is also used as the logo for MS Office.

So what shape or pattern should Fibromyalgia be?  I'd go with some combination of sharp angles, irregularly-spaced, fuzzy, amoeba-like blobs, and question marks.

The sharp angles would, of course, represent the pain.  The irregularly-spaced, fuzzy, amoeba-like blobs would be the side effects from the meds, particularly the cognitive impairments.  The question marks would symbolize the fact that medical science doesn't know how to diagnose it or cure it, or even what the fuck causes it.


Jenny Ryan said...

Shapes-what a fantastic idea!!

Square Peg Guy said...

Thanks, Jenny!