Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Typical Morning

A typical work day in my life is like this:

5:45am: I wake up before the alarms for my wife and child go off. I lie in bed breathing deeply and relaxing, sometimes imagining a blue-silver healing star1 on areas of my body that need healing -- left sinus and hernia, lately. I pet any cats that might be lying on top of my chest or between my legs.

5:55am: I pee, then I head for the kitchen with the three cats encircling me.

6:00am: I right the toppled kitchen garbage bin. I turn on the radio. Then I assemble breakfast for the three cats, dividing a single three ounce can into thirds and then mixing in a handful of dry food. I put their food dishes on the floor and make sure they eat from their own dishes. The most skittish cat is also the slowest eater, and if I leave the room while he's still eating, the dominant cat might scare him away from his food by staring at him. I also refresh their water and the dog's water from the tap. Since the tap water is cold and fresh from having been run, I get tall glassfuls for our daughter and me, and I fill her water bottle for school. I take my early morning pills -- Isocort, Rhodiola Rosea, L-Carnitine.

6:30am: I might poop at this time. I peel a banana and break off the top inch and a half for my daughter, placing it on a napkin on her place mat. Then, while eating the banana, I gather what I need to make breakfast for her and me. Today it's oat bran for me and an Ian's Chicken Sandwich for my daughter. I take one of the chicken sandwiches out of the freezer and place it on a plate and cover it with a paper towel. Then I mix the ingredients for my oat bran in a bowl.

6:45am: I get a scoopful of the dog's dry food and drop it onto his food mat along with a half pill of GlycoFlex for his joints. I greet my daughter, who makes it into the kitchen at about this time. I might heat up water for tea for myself.

6:55am: By now our daughter has had a few bites of the banana, so I heat up her breakfast in the microwave oven. When that's done, I heat up my own breakfast, stirring it a bit more beforehand. I'll get out my supplements while the breakfast heats up.

7:20am: My daughter and I are done eating by now. She gets her vitamin pills and goes off in search of socks. I take her eyeglasses into the bathroom and wash them. It's a nice way to get the warm water flowing from the tap, without just running water down the drain. At this point the dog starts begging to go outside. I'm not sure why the dog has this sudden urge at this time. Maybe it's because it's the end of breakfast so he figures it's his turn. Or the commotion gets his little mind thinking that he will get taken for a walk. There's just enough time for me to walk with him in the backyard before the bus comes. I sneak around to open the garage door, while the dog is distracted by some carrion.

7:30am: I put her water bottle into her backpack. I let the dog back inside. Then I walk to the bus stop with our daughter, and we wait together for the bus, which arrives within 10 to 15 minutes.

7:45am: I grab the newspaper from the delivery tube and head back inside. I put about 3/8 lb. of cold sliced roast beef into a plastic container along with Romaine lettuce for my lunch. But I have an audience -- two of the three cats and the dog are interested in using Jedi mind tricks to get the roast beef to go into their mouths. I drop the fatty bits on the floor for them. But if I'm not running too late, I drop it onto their backs and try to coax the dog to eat off the cats or vice-verse.

8:10am: I'm getting sucked into a time-warp. Now that the hard deadline of catching the school bus has been met, I tend to get distracted more and more by the animals. I might even take a break to photograph them! I get into the bathroom to brush my teeth, do the neti pot, wash, shower, shave.

9:10am: I try to focus on what I need to bring to work and put those items into my bag: water bottle, lunch, snacks, tea. I try to equip myself with my wallet, pens & pencils, keys. When I think I've gotten it all, I put on my jacket and shoes, only then realizing I need a fresh hanky or some hand lotion, and so I end up walking through the house with my shoes on after all.

9:45am: Arrive at work.


1As described in Sylvia Browne's "Psychic Healing: Using the Tools of a Medium to Cure Whatever Ails You"

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