Friday, November 13, 2009

New Girlfriend

"Mitzy got her hair highlighted!" I announced, returning home from the drug store with a cornucopia of my wife's medications. Mitzy is the pharmacy manager.

"Oh, is she your new girlfriend, now?" my wife asked casually.

"Yes. Well, you know. I go to the drug store so often, I see her more than I see you," I explained.

"That's nice, dear. I'm glad you're happy," she said, taking the package of meds from me and dumping them out onto the counter.

"Hey, is there a love note in there for me?" I asked with mock breathlessness.

"Oh yes! As a matter of fact there is!"


"Yes! It's from Darren. He's had his eye on your for a while, now."


1 comment:

Bolton said...

My wife was jealous of my pharmacy girlfriend at one time too..