Monday, June 24, 2013

Smitten by Inner Beauty

Soon after I graduated high school, I returned in order to attend continuing education classes.  Computer courses were hot at the time (mid 1980s), but I signed up for yoga.

My yoga instructor was a fit, middle-aged woman with waist-long dark brown hair, which had some streaks of grey.  She was smallish, but not a pixie.

She had an amazing ability to become younger and more radiant during the class.  Whereas at the start of class she'd look stressed, haggard and downright old, at the end she'd look like a radiant teenager.  I would have gladly stayed after class with this teacher!

At the time I figured it all had to do with the amazing power of yoga to relieve stress.  But now I think it's something more.

I thought of her recently after a day in which I was in the presence of two other women who captivated me with their beauty.  One was tending to the plants at the local nursery.  She seemed ordinary, and she had quite a bit of disfiguring acne scars on her face.  But then my wife asked her about the spearmint and peppermint, and she began to glow with loveliness as she talked about the plants.  I lost all sense of time and place in her presence.

The second woman was playing an electric piano outdoors to a sparse and scattered audience.  As we walked closer and I heard more detail of her playing and singing, I began to realize that she was really talented.  And then I began to watch her.  Soon I was captivated by her beauty.  My life would be complete if I could spend the rest of it watching her.

The key is that these two women were engaged in activity that they were passionate about.  The lovely gardener was passionate about plants.  The beautiful singer was passionate about her music.  And my yoga instructor was passionate about leading people through her asanas.

But why don't other people seem to notice these stunningly beautiful women?  I even see such beauty in the waitress at a local Thai food restaurant.  Please imagine this: You've arrived at a restaurant and the hostess has seated you with menus.  You glance around and out comes a waitress with a tray of food.  She's on fire, but only you seem to notice.  She calmly delivers the meal to a nearby table and returns to the kitchen.  That's what I experience, but instead of seeing fire, I see beauty.  In her case, I marvel how everyone else can avoid staring at her.

When was the last time you were smitten by beauty?


Rummuser said...

I too see this everywhere Square Peg and sometimes it is difficult not to stare. It is also frustrating not being able to go and compliment them. I see this particularly in the migrant labour that works in our construction industry.

Sandra Van said...

Enjoyed your post. I am drawn to people like this who seem to love their jobs (since they are somewhat rare)--you "pegged" it with the passion idea, imho. These people are inspiring; as a scanner (B. Sher) am somewhat envious of them but they also remind me it's okay to do something you love.

Square Peg Guy said...

Rummuser, thank you for corroborating my experiences!

Square Peg Guy said...

Sandra, I think it's passion that makes scanners move from one interest to another. Thanks for your comment!