Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dream: Black Honda Civic

After the blue bird flies off my finger I get the idea to ask Scott if he'd be interested in buying my car.  It's running really well, the "check engine" light has been off for a while, it's not leaking any fluids, and I just had bodywork done on the driver's side doors to repair the damage from a minor crash.  It's a great time to sell it.  The only problem is that I'd have to buy another car to replace it.  But I put that thought aside.

I ask TR whether he thinks Scott would want to buy it.  He says, "Maybe, why don't you ask him?"  He's nearby, so we walk toward him.  I start to detach the car key from the key ring thinking to offer to let him take it for a test drive.  (We're in the parking lot, and the car is nearby. )  But before we reach my car, we arrive at TR's new black Honda Civic.  He's eager to show off his car, so I accept his offer to show it to me.

He opens the car by some how lifting the entire body off the top, revealing two bucket seats.  He explains how storage space is limited to just the center console between the two seats, as well as compartments under the seats, which, at this point are small molded hard black plastic.

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