Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dream: Blue Bird

I am standing outside with some guys from work.  During the conversation I notice a disturbance in the branches of a small nearby tree.  A large animal is moving.  It's a bird, large one.  Before I can call the other's attention to it, it leaves the tree and starts flying directly toward and over me.  And when it's directly overhead it stops and hovers.  It's pale blue.  I point to it, and then I withdraw my finger because everyone sees it.  But TR who's nearest to me encourages me to leave my finger up.  So I do.

Amazingly the bird descends and lands on my right index finger.  But at this point it's not much bigger than a large hummingbird.  It has a beak, and the top of its head and back are a more intense hue of blue.  I make gentle cooing baby sounds at it and say things like, "Hi cutie!"

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