Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dream: Demons Flocking to the Pond

I'm with some coworkers in the remote city in which we're taking a week-long training class.  We're in the town square, after class.

There's a commotion, and my attention is drawn to an amazing site.  Several demons have appeared merely twenty yards from me.  Many people are screaming and running away.  But I am transfixed by them and want to see them close-up.  I see them standing slightly crouched, with their wings unfurled -- pale, translucent, and luminous under the street lights in the twilight.  Suddenly they sprint to the nearby pond, crossing in front of me from left to right.

I reach for the camera that's hanging by its strap from my shoulder.  The demons are now sitting on the surface of the water, like huge pelicans.  I raise my camera and prepare to frame a shot.  But a holograph of a cartoon figure rushes at me quickly, obscuring the shot.  It rushes past.  But then another and another rush by.  Tony the Tiger and Disney characters come at me and interfere with my vision.

Finally the onslaught of holographs has ceased, but the demons are gone.  I feel very disappointed that I was not able to photograph them or study them.

After I recited this dream to my wife, I asked her, "What do you think it means?"  She said, "It means you're crazy."

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