Monday, November 2, 2015

A Creation Story of My Very Own

God created the World on His ninth birthday.  It was a dreary summer day, with heavy, unrelenting rain falling from thick grey clouds.

His parents lavished Him with many outdoor gifts: a glider that you assemble from balsa wood; a brand new baseball mitt made from crisp virgin leather that smelled soothing and dreamy; a green and white kite made from thin, light-weight vinyl to name a few.  God was longing to go outside to play with them all, but His parents forbade Him owing to the rain.

So He turned his attention to his other gifts, giving them a second look.  His eyes rested on a large flat box.  In His hurry to open everything, He had almost forgotten that He opened This.  It was an Artist's Kit.  He padded upstairs to His bedroom with His Kit and closed the door.

He started with His favorite colors, blue and green, in magnificent arcs, even before He knew what He wanted to Create.  Then, pausing to look through the window at the rain, He decided to make His Own World, without rain, of course.  He plunged back into the Art.

Soon the outline of His World was created in blue and green.  He decided the blue would depict vast pools, lakes and oceans, and the green would depict lush plants and magical forests.  But He used so much blue and green, He decided to save them for another time, so He added some brown features to His forest to make the plants tall and resplendent.

Then He decided to make other Gods just like Him.  He continued to use brown for a while, but then tried some other colors, such as yellow, red and, to be really silly, even white!  "White Gods!" He laughed out loud to Himself.

He included His pets, too.  First came His four Cats, which were orange, black, tan and grey.  Next came His Dog, which was brown.  But then He made Cats and Dogs in other colors, too.  Then He added His fish, plus mice, birds, lizards and bugs to amuse the cats.  But He decided to make a few of the birds wily and a few fierce, just to keep the cats in their place.

He was starting to get hungry -- He was looking forward to birthday cake.  He decided to hastily add several other creatures.  He thought it would be great if there were a type of dog that was large enough to sit on while it ran.  So He made that, which turned out to resemble a horse.

Finally, His World was Perfect.

And anyway, it was time for lunch, followed by birthday cake.  He closed all the paint containers, gathered up all the brushes, and hastily placed His World near the open window to dry before heading downstairs.

Leaving it near the window, was, of course, not the best thing to do on a rainy day, especially in a home with four curious cats.  For when He came back hours later it was gone!

Perhaps there were some birds splashing outside that window to draw the attention of one of the cats.  Some how His World slid out the window, landing on an out-of-sight awning of a lower-level window.  It quickly got soaked and Imperfect.

It is believed that one day, the awning will be taken down for painting or repair.  God will be much older, with a Son of his own.  He will find His World, look upon its imperfections, and cry.  His Son will see Him crying over His Imperfect World.  The most devout believe that His Son will carefully scrape the delicate weathered Imperfect World off the awning and tenderly restore it.


Zazzy said...

Very creative and makes about as much sense as any. It leaves me with a few questions, perhaps you would answer them within the world you've drawn?

Where did God's mom and dad come from?
Where did they get all the toys, the wood for the plane, the leather for the mitt?
The rain, the world he lived in? Is this a sort of perpetual creation story? Each generation creating it's own world?

Square Peg Guy said...

Good questions, all of them! It does make you wonder. :) There is the same "problem" with the G-d in Genesis, too. The "perpetual creation" seems like the logical explanation for this story. But...

This creation story is meant to sound like something from a children's book where the subjects are individuals that the child-reader can relate to, and the subjects' actions are actions the child-reader can understand. In fact, I used to tell my daughter this story while we waited for her bus to come. But I never got to the part about His World going out the window.

The "reality" may be far different. For example, God, his parents, his home, the rain, the artist's kit may all be various forms of Energy -- interacting, interfering, and briefly coalescing into the matter of Us.

Remove all the details and what's left is the story of a World that was crafted / created out of "bored or whimsical intelligence" and then abandoned.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

Zazzy said...

Thank you for answering. I like the way you think!

Square Peg Guy said...

Thank you very much for such a kind comment! I am honored.