Friday, November 20, 2015

Depression Follow Up

I actually saw the doctor about my depression.  I use "actually" because I almost never go to the doctor, at least not for an ailment.  Usually the long wait time to see a doctor exceeds the duration of any medical condition that sidelines me.

The appointment didn't go the way I'd hoped.  That's probably because my wife was there with me.

My idea was that the doctor might recommend light therapy (due to the seasonal aspect of my condition) plus exercise and perhaps meditation.  And he did mention light therapy.  But my wife's agenda was that I'd leave the office with a prescription for an SSRI-type anti-depressant.  So that's the direction we took.

It amazes me that despite all the medical screw-ups my wife has experienced, she still puts so much faith in doctors and prescription medication.

In fact, my wife interrupted our non-medication discussions a few times with increasing urgency, insisting that my condition was dire.  I thought she was going to erupt in tears at one point.

So the plan is that I'll take the medicine to make my wife feel better.  As if I already don't do enough shit for her.

Now I really feel depressed.  But I'm hoping the doctor prescribed a placebo.  Do they even do that?

Here's a little SSRI humor for you.  I can't seem to embed it, so I hope you'll make the effort to click on it and watch.:


Zazzy said...

You have about a 33% chance that an SSRI will really help. About a 33% chance of feeling some benefit. About a 33% chance of no effect. I will hope for you that if you're going to take it anyway, it helps. Try the light therapy, too. And meditation. You don't need a doctor for those and they are certainly worth a try.

Square Peg Guy said...

I wonder about the remaining 33%. Is that the chance I'll have an adverse reaction and turn into a chicken? But seriously I hope that there's a 66% chance of not having a bad reaction.

I really think that 90% of my problems are caused by some disturbance in my sleep.

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