Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blogher and the Male Blogger

This is the first year I've been cross-posting on Blogher during NaBloPoMo.  I confess that I feel like an alien on that site.

Before I ramble on, I want to make it perfectly clear that I am grateful to Blogher for hosting NaBloPoMo.  And I admire the team of talented writers that contribute to the site's content.

But, the reason I feel like an alien on Blogher is because of the predetermined set of tags I have to choose from.  They're so... gender-skewed toward the feminine that I feel a bit stifled.

The complete list of tags is given below.

A few of the main categories are typical of a content provider or message board: Food; Health; News & Politics; Entertainment.  Yet the sub-categories under them seem incomplete.  For example, "Food" could use "Desserts" "Paleo" and "Outdoor Grilling".  "Health" could use "Vaccinations" and "Exercise" rather than "Infertility" and "Pregnancy".  "Entertainment" is fine except that "Sports" should be a main category all on its own.

DIY really should be called "Hobbies" because its sub-categories are essentially hobbies, and because it lacks such real DIY subjects as "Flooring" "Electrical/Lighting" "Plumbing" and "Automotive"

And then there's the most feminine main category of "Style," which includes:  Makeup; Nails; Shoes; Fashion; Hair.  Oh yes, I'm so looking forward to writing about makeup....  Hmm, then again, it might be a fun challenge to write about each sub-category of "Style," from a guy's perspective, of course.  Maybe Melissa Ford will make me write Style posts for the remainder of NaBloPoMo as punishment for dissing the tags.

The list of predefined Blogher tags, as of Monday, November 16, 2015...
Social Media
 -Tips, Tricks & Tools 
 -Blogging Events 
 -BlogHer Publishing Network News 
 -Food Politics 
 -Cooking for Health 
 -Frugal Kitchen 
 -Quick and Easy 
 -Special Occasion 
 -Vegetarian and Vegan 
 -Body Image 
 -Mental Health
 -Diet & Fitness 
 -Style DIY
 -Home & Garden 
 -Knitting, Crochet & Sewing 
 -Grief and Loss 
 -Finding Balance 
Love & Sex 
 -Marriage and Commitment 
 -Weddings and Anniversaries 
 -Working Moms 
 -Tweens & Teens 
 -Empty Nesters 
 -Home Schooling 
 -Special needs 
News & Politics 
 -Current Events 
 -Media and Journalism 
 -Race & Class 
 -Arts & Culture 
 -Movies & Television
 -Pop Culture 
Advertise and Market with Women 
BlogHer Conferences 
 -BlogHer Food '15 
 -BlogHer 2016 
 -BlogHer 2015 
 -BlogHer Conference 2012 
 -BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 
 -BlogHer PRO '14 
 -BlogHer Conference 2014 
 -BlogHer Food '14 
 -BlogHer Food 2013 
 -BlogHer Conference 2013
 -BlogHer PRO 
 -BlogHer Pro '13 
 -HealthMinder Day 2013 
 -Pathfinder Day 2013
 -Viewfinder Day 2013 
 -BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 
 -BlogHer Food 2012 
 -BlogHer Handmade 
 -BlogHer Writers '11 
 -BlogHer | bet 
 -BlogHer Conference 2011
 -BlogHer Food 2011 
 -BlogHer Food 2010 
 -BlogHer Conference 2010 
 -BlogHer Business 2010 
 -BlogHer Conferences 
 -BlogHer Food '09 
 -Reach Out Tour 2008 
 -'06 Conference news 
 -'06 Podcasts 
 -'06 Sessions/Speakers 
 -'06 Sponsors 
 -'07 Conference news
 -'07 Sessions/Speakers 
 -'07 Sponsors 
 -BlogHer Business 2008
 -BlogHer Business 2009 
 -BlogHer Conference 2008 
 -BlogHer Conference 2009 
Web site 
 -From the 'hood

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