Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream: Birthing Puppies in Hospital Waiting Room

I'm driving around an urban area looking to check myself into a hospital to have a procedure. I had just come from another hospital. I now enter a tiny parking lot of another hospital. The parking lot is in bad shape. The surface is very uneven from frost heave and there are pot holes. I'm afraid I might fall into a sink hole. I decide to leave this place and return to the nicer one that I had come from.

I return to the first hospital and enter it. I navigate through various hallways and common areas until I come to a waiting room that's furnished comfortably like a living room. I especially notice the nice rugs on the floor.

There are people with me, perhaps my mother and sister, or perhaps my wife and daughter. One of these, the wife/mother, points out a lovely dog on the floor. It's on the largest rug. The dog's belly is swollen. I look up in surprise, and the wife/mother confirms that the dog is pregnant. In fact, it's about to give birth.

I hold my hand under the dog's bottom. Out pops a red mass of tissue -- the after birth. I let it roll out of my hand and wait for a puppy. One pops out, but it's still. I set it down. Another two come out. They are larger and more robust.

I look in my hand at the last one, but it's actually a small pack of dark blue tissues. I turn my attention to the first pup, which I initially thought was dead. There is life in it, and as I hold it and stroke it, it seems to revive.

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