Sunday, September 25, 2011

Proteins and EMF

To understand the nature of life one must first understand how protein "machines" are empowered to move.

The final shape, or conformation ... of a protein molecule reflects a balanced state among its electromagnetic charges. However, if the protein's positive and negative charges are altered, the protein backbone will dynamically twist and adjust itself to accommodate the new distribution of charges. The distribution of electromagnetic charge within a protein can be selectively altered by a number of processes including: the binding of other molecules or chemical groups such as hormones; the enzymatic removal or addition of charged ions; or interference from electromagnetic fields such as those emanating from cell phones.1
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. in "The Biology of Belief"

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1 Tsong, T.Y. (1989). "Deciphering the language of cells"


JeannetteLS said...

See, now I can use this as a reason I do not walk around the planet with my cell phone on. People will roll their eyes and comment on my geekdom and how maybe writing for a major western university's famous graduate school in engineering was bad for me. It made me geekier. Thank you for the opportunity to use this quote to support my theories of cell phone dangers!

Square Peg Guy said...

You're welcome, Jeannette. Thank you for commenting!

There was a footnote that went along with that part of the text. I'll try to find it and edit it the post to include it.