Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dream: Cafeteria Signs at the Open House

I'm at my daughter's school at night for the Open House. It's at the halfway point. I'm in the hallway near the principal, vice-principal and a few teachers. I see that they're already taking down the signs that they put up earlier for the benefit of parents. The morning teachers have no more classes to meet parents at. They will be going home soon. I walk away.

I'm walking down a staircase. I'm at the halfway point where the stairs split at a landing and reverse to the other direction. As I turn right to get to the other half of the stairs, I see a large sandwich board sign that has directions to the cafeteria. I get the idea to help the teachers remove the signs, So I pick up the sign and remove some other signs taped on the walls.

I continue following my daughter's schedule, and then suddenly realize that the signs that I took down are still needed. There are lunch periods yet to take place. My watch indicates 1:15pm. There's a lunch period starting right now, in fact. So I must put the signs back. It's too late to put them back for the current period. So I take my time and take a longer route to get back to that spot.

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