Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dream: Robbery Attempt at the Fast Food Place

I'm playing cards with some folks at McDonalds. We're in a closed back room. I hear a customer enter the restaurant, so I break up the game and get the people into position to serve.

The person is a robber. He has a gun. He's a tall male, rounded and has blonde hair. He's wearing a yellow T-shirt. He wants us to stay where we are and keep doing our jobs. He has an accomplice doing the actual robbing. But I feel like we're in a hostage situation.

As customers come in, they, too, are being held captive.

Suddenly, the power goes out, and I immediately seize the opportunity to run out of the building, along with many coworkers. As I'm standing in the dark parking lot, I realize that the power outage was probably orchestrated by one of the workers who knows that you can trip the breaker when you operate two appliances at the same time.

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