Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dream: Pink Worm in Planter

I have a small plant growing in an unusual planter. It's made up of an inner pink plastic pot that's enclosed in a cube-like outer housing that's clear. I know that there's a pink worm among the roots. I see that the worm is going through the drainage hole of the inner pot and then working it's way up between the inner pot and outer square-shaped enclosure. I'm not concerned until I see that the worm has found an opening in the corner of the outer part of the planter. It's coming out of the planter.

I pull it out all the way. It's about 18" to 24" long depending on how it stretches itself. It's also translucent.

I call the grey cat over since he's nearby. He walks over right away. I drop the worm over his back. I half expect him to run away scared. But instead he finds one end of the worm and eats it. Now I wonder if it's safe for him to eat. What if it's poisonous and kills him? But no, I reason. If it were poisonous, it would be bitter or smelly, and he would instinctively know to avoid it.

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