Friday, January 20, 2012

Dream: Back in JrHS as an Adult

I'm walking on the stairs in Junior High School.  Zimmerman is walking toward me and passes me a note.  I automatically assume it's a love note, since she's been trying to get close to me.  "How juvenile!" I tell myself.  (I am an adult attending school.)  How can I justify to my boss the time I spend here?  It's a good educational review of the basics, I guess.

I open the note and read it.  It's from my daughter, actually.  I reach the bottom of the stairs and exit the school and walk to the edge of the school grounds.  There are some students gathered there.  I walk a bit beyond them.  I notice the highway and large pond across from it.  This is the spot that some students have been killed trying to cross the highway.

There has been a great deal of rain lately, and the pond is overflowing across the highway and onto the path I'm walking.  I turn to go back.  The water is much deeper now -- over my knees!  I'm almost tempted to lay forward into the water and swim.  But I realize that I'm fully clothed and would get even more wet than I am.

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