Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dream: Moving to Different Office

I'm at work, and I've moved myself to a different office. It's twice the size of a typical office, but it has two desks.

I sit at the desk further from the door. There's a computer on it. The computer is old and has lots of obsolete software that I need to figure out. Also, there is no telephone, so I'll have to go to my old office to make calls and retrieve messages.

It's really dark in the office, which is fine for computer use. But I'd like to let in some light from the outdoors once in a while. I turn around to look at the windows. There is a very small one (about the size of a business envelope) directly behind me. It's covered with some brown pleated material, which I strip away.

I move over to the other desk, which, I just discover, does have a telephone. DM from drafting enters and occupies the desk that I first sat at. But now that I'm at this desk I don't say that this is his desk and that I've claimed the other one.

He gets up to unveil more windows. He reveals large windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, letting in a great deal of cheery light. But even more captivating is the scene of majestic cloud formations in the sky. This is a great office!

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