Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dream: Water in the Ceiling of New House

I'm in a small boat in some shallow water in the kitchen.  I notice the sound of trickling water, and my consciousness shifts so that I'm aware that I'm dreaming yet the tinkling sound is coming from outside the dream.  I wonder whether I'm peeing.  But then I snap fully awake when I realize that it's a water leak.

Now I'm awake1 and in the kitchen of the house we just bought.  It's early morning of the first day in the house.  I'm putting together some breakfast.  I feel a drop of water fall from above on my hand.  I look up at the ceiling to see if I can tell where the water came from.  But there is no water stain.  The ceiling is made of square wooden tiles that are about one foot by one foot.  In the four corners of each tile are silver recessed fasteners.

I start to worry.  We bought the house without even looking at it because it was such a low price and we wanted to act quickly.  I didn't even read the inspection report.  What if there are structural problems with the house?  I wonder if it's too late to hold the seller accountable for repairs.

I hear someone upstairs flush the toilet and run the water.  To my utter dismay, an L-shaped section of the ceiling bulges as if waterlogged.  I call my wife down with a surreal sense of calm.  My wife and daughter appear.  There is a stream of water falling onto the couch.  My daughter holds a large basin under it.

1 Awake in the dream, but I'm still dreaming. And this is not a Lucid Dream. I'm only dreaming that I'm having a Lucid Dream.

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