Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dream: Adulterous Neighbor with a Scheme

I’m at home in the kitchen with my mom and younger brother.  I’m a young boy, and we live in an upstairs apartment.  The time period is the 1950s.  My mother is a beautiful woman, with shoulder length dark brown hair and a fit figure.

I experience prescience in this dream, as if I am familiar with the storyline, having read the book before, as it were.  As I gaze at my mom, I wonder why “they” made her look older than she really is.

We hear someone enter below.  It is the male neighbor, who has left work early to sneak a visit to my mother before he goes home to his wife, and before Dad comes home.  He and my mom have been having an affair, and he has been seeing many other women, too, while on the road as a traveling salesman.  This is Arthur Miller, but one that’s not depressed.

He has not arrived today to make love to my mother [I was thinking “wife” while typing this].  Rather, he has a scheme that he wants her to participate in.  He wants to market and sell sex lubricant.  A color flyer appears from the printer, except that there were only two sheets of paper left in the printer, and they came through together with about 1.5 inch offset, and the bottom part of the graphic was cut off because of the printer jam.

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