Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dream: Oval Drum

I’m at home in the bedroom. I’m making a shaman kit. I’ve already put an oval drum in a very large zip-lock bag -- the kind of bag that can be used for linens and pillows. The drum has a wooden body and white (or off-white) skin stretched across the head,, and it's a bit smaller than a football. In the cavity of the drum I’ve put a few small sacred objects.

I wonder if I have enough items in my kit. Shouldn’t I have a drum for each of the Four Directions on the medicine wheel?

I ask this of my mentor who is there with me. She is also the leader of the local council. She is very beautiful, with dark hair and dark eyes. She does not think I need any more items. I think she wants me to kiss her. I certainly want her to want me to kiss her.

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