Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Low Down on Cooling Down

We've experienced record high temperatures in some parts of the world.  That coupled with wide-spread power outages have forced many to experience dangerously high temperatures.  So lately I've been thinking of how to stay cool.

Our bodies cool off by evaporating sweat.  When temperatures are high, both low humidity and air circulation can keep us cool.  Low humidity means that the moisture content of the air is low and that the air can absorb more water vapor than more humid air.  And circulating air disperses a cocoon of air made humid from your sweat.

When you need to cool down, your body should perspire all by itself.  You can encourage sweating by eating spicy foods.  My personal favorite for this is Thai cuisine -- I enjoy it often in the summer.

But sweating in front of a fan is nothing compared to soaking in cool water or seeking shelter in an air-conditioned building.  I can attest to the latter -- I feel so cold in my office at work that I wear a hoodie.  But how can you keep cool without electricity?  Great question.

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