Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dream: The Tailored Brown Suit

I'm at the shop to pick up my suit.  One of the women hands me a package wrapped in clear plastic.  I need to pay.  I open my wallet, but the credit cards are missing.  I realize that another woman had taken my wallet, went through it, and took out the cards.

I decide to open the package to check out the suit.  I pull it out of the wrapping and marvel at how the tailor transformed the thin brown woolen cloth I brought in several days ago.  But I'm also quickly dismayed to see that it's incomplete -- the right sleeve isn't sown on.  In fact, the needle and thread are still dangling off.

I bring it over to yet another woman who is seated at a wooden desk, which has an ink blotter on the surface.  I show her the defect.  She takes the suit and lays it on the desk in front of her.  She puts on her glasses.  As she looks down on the suit, I stare pointedly at the back of her head.

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