Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Thoughts on Diet Cheats

This is a follow-on post to Is This Treat Worth Going Off My Diet For?

First, I did not succumb to eating the ice cream.

Mainly, though, I forgot to describe the correct way to cheat on a diet.  The previous post described a mindful thought process you can use to decide whether to cheat.  But then there's the actual cheat itself.  The way you eat or drink that treat is important.  If you just grab that container of cookies or ice cream and absent-mindedly shovel stuff into your mouth, you've wasted the encounter.

Instead, pretend that the treat is a dear friend who lives far away.  You haven't seen her in a long time and have only a short amount of time to spend with her.  The two of you sit together in a quiet spot.  Cell phones, TV, radio and computer are all turned off.  The answering machine is on to handle any calls that might come in on the land line.  The dog is in the kennel, and the cats are all asleep.  All of this is so that you and your friend can give each other the undivided attention the friendship deserves.

This is how you cheat -- mindfully and respectfully.

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