Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another Lo-Carb-Style Breakfast

This pizza-in-a-pan is one of my regular breakfast choices.  I used two eggs as a sort of pizza crust, scrambled then fried in ghee on both sides in a pan1.  Then I topped it with fried-in-ghee peppers or zucchini and whole milk mozz cheese to glue it all together on top.  I used a lid to get the cheese to melt.  This satisfies me for six hours.

This is a vegetarian meal, BTW.

1 Here are step-by-step instructions for the "egg crust" part of the recipe:

  1. Pre-heat an 8" fry pan on medium heat.  (I use a cast iron pan on an electric stove.  This has more heat capacity and lag than an aluminum pan on a gas burner.)  Add 1 tbsp (15 ml) ghee and coat the bottom and sides.  I use the same pan that I fried the vegetables in, so it's heated well and uniform.
  2. Crack two whole eggs into a bowl.  Add 1 tsp (5 ml) of water.  You could also add a dash of Tabasco sauce, if you want a little excitement.  Break the yokes and scramble well until the yellow and white are well-blended.
  3. Gently add the scrambled egg to the fry pan.  Try to not displace the ghee, otherwise the egg might stick.  The pan is at the right temperature if the egg sizzles but not too forcefully.
  4. Reduce heat to low and cover for about three minutes to steam-cook the top side of the egg which will get nice and fluffy.
  5. Lift the cover and check that the top side of the egg is no longer liquid.  Then flip the egg.
  6. Add the fried vegetable topping, keeping it away from the edge about 2cm.  Add salt, pepper, chile powder as desired.
  7. Place the cheese on top.  I buy mozzarella cheese in blocks and hand slice it, so my slices come out 2-3mm thick.  I use four slices to ensure complete coverage.
  8. Turn off the heat and place the cover on the pan.  Let it sit for about five minutes, or until the cheese has melted.
  9. Lift out of the pan into your plate with a spatula (or eat directly from the pan).  I eat this with a fork -- it's way too floppy to pick up by hand as with a real pizza.


Rummuser said...

Is the pizza base lo carb?

Square Peg Guy said...

Yes, it's just fried scrambled egg. No dough at all.

Thanks for reading and asking!

Rummuser said...

The picture somehow does not show the scrambled egg. It suspiciously looks like a regular pizza base and that is why I asked.

Rummuser said...

I tried your recipe without a base and it was a disaster. Could you sort of lead me step by step? Should I just use an omelette instead of scrambled eggs?

Square Peg Guy said...

Dear Rummuser, I'm so sorry the recipe turned out so bad for you. I'm afraid it's my fault for calling it a "pizza" in the first place. And also my fault for using the term "scrambled." It's not scrambled in the pan. As you guessed, it is an open omelet before stuffing and folding in half. In fact, I used to make this in omelet form, but the cheese and vegetables would not fit, and I couldn't fold it!

Anyway, I've updated the post to include step-by-step instructions starting with the base.

Sorry again for the confusion!

Rummuser said...