Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dream: Monorail Construction

I'm at the construction site of a new monorail.  There is some sort of problem with some large, yellow-painted iron pieces.  A worker has a huge radial saw and is cutting them in order to fix the problem.  I am very impressed with how quickly and easily the saw cuts through the material.

I look up in the sky and see several iron girders lined up end to end but with a few gaps where girders are missing.  They are not suspended -- they are somehow, improbably, floating in the sky.

At another location, I'm watching a fence installation.  A coworker, the Erp guy TM is concerned about how his wooden fence section will look next to the other non-wood section.  The other section has elements that are oriented horizontally, but his wooden fence has vertical slats.  So he changes his fence design so that the slats are horizontal, and so it looks like a log cabin.  It's a better match with the other section.  But he's still concerned that the other section of fence has openings that allow someone to look through it.  So I suggest some black fabric like material to staple on the inside of the fence.  We have something we can use at work.  I find some black foam sleeves and show him how to cut them so they make a flat material rather than a tube.  But the foam is very porous and does little to block one's vision.  I also see stacks of anti-static foam, which is undoubtedly expensive.  That dense material is certainly opaque, but because it is so expensive, I do not suggest using it.

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