Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dream: Printer in Luggage

I come home to my campus apartment after an especially windy day.  I notice there are sticks on the floor, indicating that the door or windows were left open during the day.  I become suspicious that someone was in the apartment.  Perhaps he's still there?  I should do a search.
It's later, and I've just gone to bed. It's too bright in the room, so i get back up and go to the window to adjust the shade, which hasn't been pulled down far enough.  I adjust it carefully so that the bottom lines up with the window sill.  As I do I look outside and see an amazing full moon setting in the West.  (This does not strike me as odd even though I'm aware that a full moon at that hour should be rising in the East.)

My mind wanders about how much I appreciate it when someone cooks supper for me.  I then think about some of the easy suppers I can cook, such as a reheated can of beans.  I start to think that I should walk across the campus to get something, but then I decide against it.

Then I remember that I never searched the apartment to see if someone else was in it.  So I get up again and go into the main area.  I see the sticks again -- still there.  I go through some closet doors that don't open / close properly.  These are small and are sub-divided with drawers in them.  "Why am I checking small drawers like this?" I ask myself.  There's a tan shoulder bag on the floor with many zipper compartments.  I open a few and see some small items.  They are not mine -- neither is the bag.  But I don't find any papers or an ID.  I conclude that the bag belongs to someone else who uses this apartment occasionally.  It's amazing that I've never met him.  Then I see a larger bag that's also tan.  I check that one, too.  As I open the main zipper compartment, I hear a mechanical sound, like a printer or fax machine.  After i get it open all the way, I see that it's a printer.  The last thing that's printed is "PDO OPEN" like a status.  It's monitoring itself and keeping a status log!  Perhaps it's also reporting back to whomever it belongs to!  I close the zipper carefully (so as not to generate any unnecessary status messages) and leave it alone.

I am baffled.

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