Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dream: Cartoon Convention

I'm driving a motorcycle. I arrive at a gravel parking lot in a very wooded area. I notice our two bicycles, mine and my wife's. I comment to a guy there that I know, "They biked here? They're not going to want to bike home." ["They" refers to my wife and me.] The guy responds, "They'll get a ride from _____."

I try to park the motorcycle, but it's not staying upright. The kickstand seems to be too long, so I spend a long time finding the right surface that will allow the bike to stay standing. Finally, I'm satisfied, and I walk to the event.

I enter the building and the large room. This is a cartoon convention, but it's more like a classroom. My wife and I are in the back to the left. I walk in that direction intending to sit with them. But I get distracted by some kids who are waving at me. So I walk in their direction. At first I intend to sit among them. But then I see it will be difficult to maneuver my way past the other people in the row, so I just sit at the end of the row.

I feel popular and am soaking up the attention. Also, I'm not at all bothered by the fact that I'm late.

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