Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dream: The Re-Enactment

I'm at an outdoor gathering, like a family reunion picnic. Some scenario has taken place. It involved some boy flying a kite while a fierce storm blew in. I had been thinking he might get struck by lightening, and then he did get struck.

So there are a group of us who are going to re-live the previous ten minutes and try to change the outcome. Except I'm not sure what should change.

Now instead of being with the boy with the kite, I'm in a bathroom with two girls. They're my age but smaller. One I'm sort of close to, romantically. The other is new to me, but she's acting flirtatious, and I'd like to flirt back. I'd really like to hug and kiss her, but my girlfriend would certainly be upset. I notice my toothbrush is missing. I think maybe this is the action I should've done the first time.

The lightening has struck the boy with the kite again, only this time I'm not there. I walk over to him and try to help revive him.

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