Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dream: Stupid NYC Bus Trip

I'm on a bus in NYC. It's a charter for a day trip. It's nearly empty. I'm alone in the back. A few people sit in the front.

The bus stops, and I decide that I will get off. I have no destination planned.

I step onto sidewalk and walk to the nearest building and enter it. From within the lobby, I see a dazzlingly department store display, the jewelry department. The color red is dominant.

I decide to explore the building. Since I hate jewelry, I find a side entrance to the rest of the building. There is an elevator, which I take to go up to the fourth floor. This leads to a hallway with closed doors to offices, most likely the store's upper management's offices. Thus it is a dead-end to me.

I find myself back at the lobby and again take the side entrance to the elevator. This time all the floors are below this one. So I go down and emerge into the baby / toddler department. Memories flood me of shopping for my little daughter who's now grown into a somewhat surly teenager. The Clifford items especially tug at my heart-strings. I reminisce about how she loved her little Clifford doll, and how the dog used to steal it. Now I really feel alone.

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