Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Weather

Our winter is off to a great start thanks to two snowstorms that blasted through our area on Friday (9") and then again on Sunday (6"). I enjoyed shoveling our double-wide driveway by hand, even though I was bothered by a sinus infection.

Please don't read sarcasm into this. I really did enjoy it!

So many elements come together to make it a special time for me.

There's solitude. All my neighbors have snowblowers and prefer to wait until the morning to clear their driveways instead of going at it at 7:00pm to 10:00pm. And the busy bodies in their cars, minivans and SUVs have abandoned the roads, leaving them desolate.

There's Nature's dominance over Mankind. No matter how smart we think we are, and how much control we think we can exert over our environment, Nature demonstrates that She's The Boss. We are completely at the mercy of the elements.

There's unpredictability. All our carefully crafted plans are swept away. As an abjectly poor planner, I feel strangely vindicated by this.

There's the beauty of the snow-covered tree limbs, the sparkling icicles, the gentlest hiss of falling snow. We get a bit closer to Nature -- the secret lives of wildlife are unveiled in the tracks in the snow.

There's the exhilaration of intense exertion in the pushing, lifting, hurling of snow. And from the sting of cold pellets of snow assaulting the face. Yet, I'm sweating from the workout. I shake the ice and snow from my coverings before I stomp inside, and strip off everything, because it's all wet, either from melted snow or from sweat.

Ahhh, my weekend was awesome! How was yours?


Unknown said...

If that's an actual photo of your driveway after you shoveled, I bow down to your abilities. There is nary a speck of snow on the ground.

Well done! And I've got a single width driveway full o' snow if you're looking for more solitude.

Anonymous said...

Hi CG:

This is an actual photo of our actual driveway after I actually shoveled it after a storm in February.

The present condition of our driveway after the weekend storms is rather messy. No asphalt shows, but at least the cars can get up the incline.

We're having a bit of a thaw, and I'll give it another go tomorrow and Friday, because I do want it to look pristine.

Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful Christmas!