Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dream: Meager Lunch in the Cafeteria

I'm sitting at a table in a cafeteria-style restaurant.  I have a plate of plain iceberg lettuce salad, another plate with a buttered roll that's been torn into bite-sized pieces, and a small cylinder-shaped bowl of something that looks like baked macaroni and cheese.  I'm not only unimpressed with this food, I'm also very disappointed.  My back is to the food line.

I turn to look over my left shoulder and see a portable chalk board on a wooden frame with wheels.  A young woman is announcing an eating contest.  She has already visited several tables and a few diners have finished.  Apparently the idea is to finish eating quickly.

I could be finished already with such meager food as this.  But I refuse to eat the stuff in the bowl.  Initially, I decided against eating the buttered roll.  But I know that the lettuce will not fill me up and sustain me, so I reluctantly eat some pieces of the roll.

The first diner to finish is an attractive young lady with dark brown, shoulder-length hair.  The announcer is interviewing her.

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