Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving on the Blood Type Diet

My wife and I hosted the Thanksgiving feast we enjoyed yesterday.  I filled my plate mostly with turkey and rutabaga, which are both "Superfoods" under my diet plan.  I boiled and then mashed the rutabaga myself and added sea salt and ghee, which are also superfoods.  Small amounts of homemade cranberry sauce (made with real cranberries and fresh grated ginger), onion salad and cucumber salad adorned my plate.  I had no room on the plate for mashed potatoes or stuffing, and I didn't bother with the gravy.

So even though I ate the entire heaping plateful of food, my stomach felt comfortably full, not painful or bloated.

But then dessert came along.  All the wheat in the desserts -- the cupcakes, the bourbon cake, the apple hand pie, and the pecan pie -- combined with the cream in my coffee and the ice cream to cause a painful distention of my gut.

My fattened belly fascinated others who swore it was flat before we started eating.  All I said was, "It's not fat; it's inflammation."

Yesterday I was thankful for food, family and friends.  Today I am thankful for the 30% off sale price on Deflect, a lectin-blocking supplement from North American Pharmacal.

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