Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dream: Onion Pizza Slice

I'm hungry, so I decide to check out a nearby pizza place.  It's summer time and the folks at the pizza place are eating outside in a sunken patio.

In order to get into the shop, I need to go through the sunken patio, which is crowded with dinners.  Plus there are no stairs leading down to the patio, so I have to step on the wall and tables to climb down.  I say "excuse me" often as I jostle a few diners, and at one point I nearly step on a diner's hand.

I enter the shop and see that there are three individual slices of pizza available, all with onion topping.  I ask how much they are, and the Italian/Greek shopkeeper says, "Twelve-Three."  "Huh?"  I say.  I'm concerned because I have very little money to spend on food.  And twelve dollars is way too much for a single slice of pizza.  I'm willing to use a ten dollar bill, but I expect a lot of change back.

I ask again about the price.  I figure out that "Twelve-Three" means $1.23.  I point to a slice that was cut unevenly and therefore is the largest and ask for it.  The total cost turns out to be $3.13.  So I hand over the ten dollar bill, but then I say, "Hold on.  I have 13 cents," as I dig into my left front pants pocket.  There's so much change in the pocket that I can't pull it all out in one fistful because my hand won't come out of the pocket.

A diner comes up to me and offers me 13 cents.  He's one of the diners whom I inconvenienced earlier.  I thank him and say, "Oh that's okay, I have the money."  Nevertheless he drops the change into the blue "Take a penny; leave a penny" tray and says, "Take it if you need it" and walks away.

I'm sorting through the change in my hand looking for pennies and a dime.  Some pennies are silver-colored.

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