Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dream: First Responder Training

I'm in a parking lot at the mall. There is free training for volunteer emergency rescue being offered soon. The man who will lead the training is there. He is talking into a microphone, apparently to radio listeners. He announces the free training. But when he tells the location, he gives the official street name rather than simply saying that it's at the mall. Nobody really knows what the street is called.

I'm really interested in signing up to learn how first responders should react. It's a great opportunity, especially given that it's free. But I know that I simply do not have the time for this weekly training. Not only am I busy with too many activities, I need to drive my daughter to her activities, too. Nevertheless, I stay there for a while.

Finally, I leave. As I go, I notice a lot of boys dressed in black. They're wearing black knit caps, black sweatshirts and black jeans. I presume that these boys already took some junior training, and now they're showing up for more advanced training.


It's the next morning. I've overslept. It's already time for my daughter's bus to arrive to pick her up. I hope she got herself ready for school! I rush outside and see to my dismay that both she and her friend CK are running in the road alongside the bus. It's not that they missed the bus -- the bus never stopped for them. CK falls, sprawling face first onto the street. Before I rush to her, I decide to act like a first responder and make sure the street is safe. I stand facing the oncoming traffic and hold my hand up with authority to make them stop.

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