Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dream: Isolated Workplace

I'm driving a large truck on the road that my workplace is on. I need to turn around, so I'm backing into the access road to the town dump. I'm aware that there's another truck coming out of the dump, so I'm going very slowly.

I pull out onto the road, heading back toward work. There are a lot of flashing lights up ahead. And I start to see trucks on the right side of the road. They're all facing the road. A few of them are partly in the road, in fact, so I slow way down.

The truck that was behind me while I was backing in to the dump over takes me on the left, even though we're on a single lane road.

I marvel at all the activity. Then I get a zoomed out view of the entire area. I see the ground around my work building has been dug up, including the road. The soil is yellow and sandy -- totally lacking the dark color of rich loam.

I look closely at the road with dismay. How am I going to drive my car all the way to work?

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