Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream: Epic Religious War

I'm at choir rehearsal. MD is conducting the rehearsal for her husband. She tells me that I can play bass on the song we're doing. I say okay, but I don't have my bass guitar here. I get up to leave. It could take me a half hour to go home, get the bass and come back.

I'm near the entrance of a large house of worship. I walk toward the altar and then go behind to meet the people in charge. I'm greeted by an Indian man. He calls over a woman to prepare me. She pulls out a ceramic pot that will be placed into the water, and I'm supposed to sit on it and float that way for some sort of Hindu ceremony. I barely float. Apparently I'm much heavier than the typical Indian man. So the man urges the woman to put a spell on the water that will increase my buoyancy. The spell involves stirring the water with something that looks just like a hockey stick.

Now that I am in the water, the Battle begins. I'm the target. My perspective has shifted so that I can see the Battle in the sky over a castle. It is fantastic and very alien. The good guys -- those who are protecting me -- are beautiful silver humanoid creatures with jagged contours. The attackers are very similar in appearance, only somewhat crude. Both sides float, sail in the air.

Rather than attack all at once, one attacker approaches (descends) at a time, and each time he is repelled by a defender. The defensive move is merely to get in the way of the attacker.

Another more powerful type of attacker now advances. I see a golden figure move into position to intercept it. This figure is half the size of his fellow defenders. Is he more powerful? Yes! He repelled the bigger, more powerful attacker with ease.

I've been keeping my eye on the Ultimate Attacker. This humanoid carries a dragon on his back. I realize that this Battle is the real battle, but it's being manifest in the physical world by a battle between human armies with guns and tanks. And the dragon is the Big Weapon that the enemy army has. It's a massive laser cannon. The dragon is eager to shoot his flame. But its humanoid mount is holding it back.


Anonymous said...

Square Peg Guy, What a fascinating sub-consious you must have to dream such elaborate dreams. Do you use them to write stories? Just one dream seems to hold enough material to inspire a novel.

Also, do you simply remember your dreams, or do you use tools to do so? Kerry

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry!

I don't have time to write stories. Even blogging once per day is hard. But when I was younger, I based a poem on a very vivid dream.

Also, I just remember the dreams. I don't even leave a pad and pencil next to the bed anymore. I woke up with these dreams and "saw" them in my mind all morning.

Thanks for asking!