Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dream: Pink Party Gift Car

I drive into the parking lot where our daughter's birthday party will be held.  I want to park near the entrance because when our daughter leaves the building, she's supposed to see the car and go to it.  However, there are parking lot attendants directing me to park all the way to the end of the lot.

Now I'm on a bicycle.  I realize that it's not a good idea to simply park it because it might get stolen.  I didn't bring a chain and lock.  The party host is nearby.  He's got black hair, and he has a trim and fit body.  I ask him if I can bring the bike inside.  He responds with a nasty tone, "You certainly may NOT bring that inside."

This is the person who will be hosting our daughter's birthday party?  I consider calling it off.  But I decide not to because my daughter would be disappointed.  Besides, my wife screened the place and decided it would be good.  Instead, I decide to focus on stowing away the bike someplace.

I notice my wife's car in the lot.  I also notice a Subaru Outback wagon in pink camouflage colors near the building.  This must be a gift to my daughter from the party hosts.  I try opening the hatch with my wife's car key and find that it works.  So I decide to stow my bike in this car.

Now the bike is in pieces.  I'm holding parts of it, and I put them inside the pink car.  The rest of it is in my wife's car.  So I remove those pieces from that car and put them into the pink car.  As I'm doing this, I suddenly realize that my thinking is flawed.  I should be putting the bike pieces in my wife's car.  What if the pink car really isn't a gift?  Most likely it isn't.  But I obstinately continue to load the bike into the pink car, ignoring my own good sense.


rummuser said...

Dear Sqare Peg, my story of how I came to your blog may come to you as did this sequence did.

Any way, I am glad that I did and am bookmarking you for regular visits and possibly comments.


Square Peg Guy said...

I'm glad that you did, too!

Thanks so much!