Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Message From the Universe

What if trees grew in such a way that their intertwining branches signaled a key to some divine Truth? Perhaps if we pay close attention to them, and to other miracles of Nature, we might learn more Truths.

What if this were our most important activity: watching the clouds for a special sign? Not for a sign of impending weather, but for the One Day, the One Instant, that the Meaning of Life would be revealed in them?

If we could engage all our senses in the beauty of Nature -- the sweet smell of a lilac bush, the tinkling sound of a small stream, the soaring majesty of a cloud-crowned mountain, the rough-solid feel of a trustworthy tree, the soothing taste of a rosemary leaf, the weight of miles of air above us, the press of the cool ground below us, and the slow spinning of Spaceship Earth -- would we experience a Message from the Universe?


rummuser said...

Primitive peoples, aboriginals, some tribes and many farmers do this. For them it seems to be inborn.

Square Peg Guy said...

Those are some of the people I admire most!

Thanks for commenting!