Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dream: Arriving at Work During Fire

I've just arrived at work with a co-worker and WN, the sales guy, who is visiting with a customer.  Rather than have WN go through the trouble of getting buzzed in, I offer to unlock the door for him with my badge.  However, I see that the door is already unlocked and slightly ajar.

I think how strange this is and wonder if there is a fire alarm.  I go inside and hear the alarm.  Sure enough a female fire rescue person shows up at the door.  Instead of turning around and leaving, I decide to enter further.  We usually have false alarms, so I figure it's safe to ignore it.

I'm walking around looking for any evidence of fire.  The surroundings resemble the concourse of an indoor mall.  I notice some commotion a few stores up ahead on the right.  A fire rescue person with an ax is smashing the window of a travel agency, and there is indeed smoke coming out from the store.

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