Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dream: Yellow Butterflies Emerging from Mud Slide

I'm outside in a lush, mossy, partially wooded area, approaching the spot that a shaman ceremony is to take place in.  As I walk closer, I see a rectangular landscaped plot that features large bowls or vessels on their sides among the bushes.  I am aware that I've forgotten to bring my bowl, which I needed for the ceremony, and so I wonder whether to take one of the ones in the plot.  I decide against it.  First of all, the bowls are not mine.  Second, they are much too large and unwieldy.

There are three or four of us at the ceremony.  We gather in a semi-circle around a pile of large boulders.  The leader has a large sacred book that he's trying to prop open at ground level in a niche of the rocks.

It's later, and I'm walking away from ceremony.  I look to my left into a valley.  Suddenly, a swarm of small yellow butterflies erupts from the ground.  I point it out to someone else who's nearby.  It signifies a glorious event.  As well, a huge mudslide begins at the same spot.  I'm concerned about an encampment that's nearby and want to warn the people about the mudslide.

I'm standing next to a large, rectangular, in-ground pool.  I know the girl who is cleaning the pool, and I'm having a casual conversation with her while she works.

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