Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dream: Four Vultures

I'm outside and see turkey vultures flying around.  I lie down on the short brown grass to entice them to come closer and perhaps land near me so I can get a good look at them.  (It is late winter, and the grass is hibernating.)

Shortly, the vultures alight on the ground near me, just as I'd hoped.  There are four in all, and they fly one-at-a-time in from different directions.

One approaches me, and I become concerned that it will start to pick at my flesh.  I try to get up, but I cannot.  I cannot move at all.


Some follow on comments...

I feel this dream was a very special gift. Although I was fearful in the dream, it did not carry over into the waking state. And I didn't even _feel_ the fear. I sort of just thought it.

"Four directions" resonated with me, but I didn't wonder which direction visited me first until later.

I don't know in which direction I was positioned, but after contemplating the idea of direction, this popped into my being: "The first vulture to arrive was the one who approached me from my right side, after waiting for the other three. He came from the North."

The next day I had the urge to visit a nearby nature center where we went on a guided walk many years ago and saw turkey vultures. The guide encouraged us to lie down in the field to see if we could attract them. (But we didn't.)

So my wife and daughter and I went back to that same place. As we drove there and walked the path to that field, the sky was completely empty. But after standing and waiting about two minutes together in the field, we were rewarded with two red-tailed hawks, three turkey vultures and, believe it or not, a bald eagle! It was exhilarating! I did lie down, too.

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