Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dream: Boy With the Blue Button Eyes

My wife, daughter and I are on vacation.  Instead of staying at a hotel, we are living in another family's apartment.  So far, we haven't seen the other family.

We have come home from an outing, and this time when we enter, we see an unusual young boy sitting nearby the front door.  The boy is unusual because he has large dark blue eyes that more resemble buttons on an overcoat than actual human eyes.  (Like in the movie Coraline.)

He jumps up when he sees our daughter and runs over to her.  He invites her to go with him.  The boy leads her several feet further into the apartment to a dark reddish brown couch.  "Go inside the couch," he says excitedly.  Our daughter enthusiastically complies.  He lifts up a cushion of the couch, and our daughter crawls inside.  The boy puts back the cushion.

I know that our daughter is gone.  I lift up the cushion to look, but I know that I will not find her.

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