Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dream: Torturous Dog Walk

I'm walking a circuitous route along the streets of a neighborhood (that I've walked in during dreams from many years ago).  I'm pulling / dragging my CPAP machine on the ground behind me.  I'm going rather quickly, as if I'm actually riding a bicycle.  And the path I take is a bit zig-zaggy.

A bit more than halfway through the walk, I find that the road I need to take back is blocked.  So I slow as I try to figure out a detour.  Just then I realize that our dog has followed me on this walk.  This is bad, very bad.  Our dog's right front leg is diseased with a bone tumor, and it gives him great pain to put weight on it.  So he tends to favor his left front leg.  But that leg has an old injury.  The carpus was bent too far.  As well, he had to have a cancerous toe removed from that paw.  So he shouldn't put too much weight on that leg, either.  Generally he is supposed to limit his activity.

I am devastated to see him in such poor condition.  The leg with the tumor is completely useless.  It has shriveled to just a stub.  The paw on the other leg with the old injury has flattened out like a furry flipper from the excess use.  The poor dog is soaked with sweat from the exertion and pain.

I wonder how will I get him home?  He'll need to be put to sleep, now.

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